Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here it is!!!

IT'S HERE! MY OFFICALL LETTER FROM DISNEY! I woke up Saturday morning to my mom bringing my letter to my room so:

  1. I would see it as soon as I woke up and

  2. It wouldn't get ruined somehow downstairs
I can't wait for August to get here! This all feels like a dream to me even though I know it's not! I can't stop jumping up and down, screaming and bubbling over with pure excitement!

Today while at church, I spent an hour talking to my friend Katie in the hall about the Disney College Program. She was giving me what I call the "Disney Download" about everything I could possibly experience! She was a cast member in January 2006, so she was able to answer a lot of the questions I had. She even brought some pictures to show me! Playing off her energy from remembering her time there and my energy of waiting to go, made it an awesome chat! It's great that I can talk to someone who has already gone through this so I know some of what to expect when I get down there. I feel like I am going into this less blind than others. Thank goodness for that! ;)

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  1. I wondered what you two were talking about for so long! Hope you enjoy it as much as she did!