Monday, June 15, 2009

Friends by Day...Enemies by Night

This past Saturday my best friend Kira and I had quite an adventurous day! We started off the day (okay, so it was 2 in the afternoon) at the Zoo with some people from church! The day was PERFECT! The sun was shining, the temperature was in the 70s, there was a slight breeze and we had the perfect driving soundtrack playing ("Of June" by Owl City). Neither of us had been to the Zoo in about a year, so we were really excited...kind of like kids on Christmas Morning! We each had one animal we really wanted to see... for her it was the Lamas and for me the monkeys! The day was filled with laughter and new friends! Our delight continued as we pretended to be birds and penguins, later the giant turtle tried to run away with Kira (he was trying to break out of the exhibit to get to her... it was really funny!) and we even touched some underwater creatures! While we were exhausted from walking all day, we were still relaxed and reluctant to leave... but we were pressed for time before our next adventure of the day.

After hurrying home from the Zoo (we went the speed limit, don't worry!), it was time to prepare to become enemies! That night we were performing in our church's "Open Mic Night/Talent Show". We sang and acted out "What is This Feeling" from the musical Wicked. However, in order to get into character, we each had to take on a different personality (our song talked about how much we could not stand each other and that we were forced to be roommates at school) and physical appearance. Therefore, Kira bought a "lovely" Hannah Montana wig (that we tried to curl with soft rollers...with no luck) so she would look like Glinda, the "good witch", and I bought black hairspray to look more like Elphaba the "wicked witch". Our performance was a hit... everyone got a kick out of our different hair colors (we kind of swapped hair colors for the night)! We choreographed the song ourselves late Friday night into early Saturday morning, therefore we were able to bring our characters to life instead of just standing on stage. However, we had a costume and dance malfunction as Kira tripped over her 4 inch heals and her wig came off near the end of the performance...but being the "professionals" we are, we pulled it off as part of the show! Needless to say, it was every one's favorite part! We had so much fun performing and hope to have the opportunity again, either on campus in the fall or when we are 50 years (I tried to convince Kira that our grandchildren would get a kick out of it)!