Friday, January 22, 2010

What's Happening in 2010?

              As I sat in class today I realized that January 2010 is basically over and I haven't blogged once in the New Year. I couldn't believe that I let a good chunk of the month slip away without saying hello... I'm still working on my hosting skills. But with the New Year still freshly upon us, I felt that I should share with you the goals I have for myself this year. I read or heard a quote once (and for the life of me I can't remember who said it), that a goal is not a goal until it is written down. So, here it goes:
  • Develop or discover a new talent (in a craft, sport, class, etc.)
  • Become more comfortable in the kitchen - planning meals and preparing them
  • Make a serious effort at becoming healthier - eating better food and exercising more
I don't know how I'm going to tackle all these goals yet, but I promise to make a full effort at reaching them.

          So, what is happening in my life these days? All kinds of crazy and exciting things. The spring semester started this week and it started with a BANG...literally! I broke my right pinky toe 10 minutes after I got up the first day of the semester! The sad or funny part (depending on how you look at it) is that I have no idea how it happened! I was walking past my sisters' bedroom door the exact same time my youngest sister, Macayla, and one of our dogs, Bernie, were both trying to come out. And one way or another, they either kicked my foot, stepped on it, or pushed it into the doorframe. All I know is that it happened so fast and then there was nothing but pain!! By the end of the day (Tuesday) my toe (which I had taped to the next toe) was swollen and had turned purple. Ice, Tylenol, and medical tape have become my saving grace this week as I have franticly run from one end of campus to the other in order to make it to class on time!!
            If I haven’t mentioned this already, I am an Advertising major, but not on the creative side that most people think of. I would love to go into the research behind an ad, finding out what the consumer likes, thinks, feels, needs. And my dream place of employment would be within the Disney Company, which is why I am so excited to inform you that I am applying for a fall internship through the Disney College Program. FINGERS CROSSED! I finally feel like my life is starting to take shape, like I am headed in the right direction for the first time. This feeling is empowering and frightening all at the same time, but I have decided that 2010 is the year that I will face my fears with my head held high and my game face on! This is my time and I’m ready to shine!