Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Funny things kids say…

You know how the saying goes “kids say the darndest things,” well it was never more true than today. I teach the 5 year old class at church and sometimes they can be a handful, today was no exception.

During music time, the music lady was trying to teach the kids the words to “How Firm a Foundation” when one of my 5 year old boys says “I hate the color pink!” Now, this is not funny until I tell you that the music lady was wearing a pink shirt and her response back to him was something like “But we can still like people who wear pink. And don’t say hate, say you strongly dislike pink.” The conversation was quickly forgotten when it was time for the lesson.

Their lesson today was on Adam and Eve and how they ate the fruit off the Tree of Life and were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. While we were telling the story another of my 5 year old boys blurts out “THAT HAPPENED TO ME, TOO!” (We’d just said that Heavenly Father told Adam and Eve that if they eat the fruit they would surely die.) Thinking for once that they have caught on to the meaning of the story (stretching, I know) we wait to hear about a time when they must have been walking in the woods and were told by their parents not to eat the poisoned berries. That, however, was NOT the story we were told. He continued without a pause, “My sister told me not to touch her play dough or she’d kill me.” Stunned, the answering response was, “Well, you are still here with us, so you must not have touched it.”

I have one more example for you, but this one does not come from a 5 year old, but my 7th grade cheerleader sister, Macayla. We were sitting down for dinner and had just finished saying the prayer when she said "You know when you pray, you’re looking down to H***? So does that mean that if you wanted to pray to Satin you would look up to Heaven?" [Then she demonstrated it for us.] We spent the rest of the meal laughing and enjoying each other’s company.


  1. Yesterday was a riot in Primary. I had to leave the room to compose myself after the "my sister said that to me once" comment. I'll tell you I never had as much fun in Sunday School!